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ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic Facilities Fibroscan Test in Gurgaon by Dr Abhijeet Ranjan

The FibroScan test in Gurgaon at our clinic is a quick, non-invasive measurement of the liver tissue’s elasticity. It is an effective alternative to a biopsy and diagnoses numerous liver conditions. Being a similar process to an ultrasound test, a FibroScan is an outpatient procedure.

Being an outpatient procedure, you can go home straight after the test. The FibroScan procedure at our centre uses high-frequency sound waves to measure how elastic or stiff your liver is. Commonly recommended for patients with liver fibrosis, a FibroScan can accurately measure tissue scarring.

FibroScan is a type of liver elastography test. It uses a unique ultrasound technology that assesses your liver’s stiffness. The elasticity of your liver helps healthcare providers to prescribe the proper drugs and treatments.



How do FibroScans Work at Our Clinic?

A FibroScan is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that gives an accurate assessment of your liver. The procedure uses ultrasound technology to measure the stiffness of the liver tissue. If your liver has stiffer tissues, it indicates liver damage.

During the procedure, we will place a tiny probe on your skin. The main objective behind placing the probe is its ability to pass ultrasound waves that pass through the liver. The computer measures the waves as they bounce back. Based on the deflection time of the waves, the computer can calculate the stiffness of your liver tissue. Note that the entire procedure lasts only ten minutes.

Why Would Your Doctor Order a FibroScan?

  • Note that liver cirrhosis is not the only reason why you must undergo a FibroScan. Usually, doctors order a FibroScan when the cause of liver damage is unknown. By undergoing a FibroScan, your doctor can ascertain the following conditions:

    • Fatty liver disease
    • Cirrhosis
    • Hepatitis
    • Alcoholic liver disease

    Healthcare practitioners also use a FibroScan to monitor the progression of liver disease routinely. If you have a liver condition in an advanced stage, your doctor may use FibroScans to check for signs of improvement.

    Things to Know While Preparing for a FibroScan Test at our Centre

    While undergoing a FibroScan test near me, you must know how to prepare for it. You will be asked not to eat or drink anything two hours before FibroScan. However, you can take small sips of water or clear fluid. It is crucial to consume prescribed medicines suggested by your doctor.

    Note that there is no need to change your dress during the test. However, we will expose the right side of your abdomen. Right before the scan, you can sort out queries related to the procedure.

The Benefits of a FibroScan Test at our Gurugram Clinic

Listed are the benefits of undergoing a FibroScan test at our Gurgaon clinic.

  • The overall process takes less than ten minutes
  • No risks and complications
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • You can resume your normal activities right after a FibroScan test

The Ideal Candidates for a FibroScan Test

Our gastroenterologists typically order FibroScan tests for patients who exhibit symptoms of liver diseases. Listed are the ideal candidates for a FibroScan test at our Gurgaon centre.

  • People with severe obesity
  • Individuals with type 2 diabetes
  • Patients with high cholesterol

Consult with ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic to learn more about the FibroScan test price in Gurgaon. We will give you complete details related to the FibroScan procedure.