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Colonoscopy Test

colonoscopy test in gurgaon

Get The Best Colonoscopy Test in Gurgaon at ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic by Dr Abhijeet Ranjan

ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic is a multi-site clinic that offers specialised colorectal diagnostics and treatments. If you are searching for the best colonoscopy test near me, we have you covered. Led by the top colon specialist in Gurugram, Dr. Abhijeet Ranjan, we have evolved into a professional gastroenterologist clinic.

Our colonoscopy diagnostic services are suitable for investigating issues in the bowel. Moreover, we can also help diagnose the common conditions affecting your colon. It is the best investigation to detect the problems within your bowel.

With a colonoscopy, we can analyse the common anomalies in the large intestine. Colonoscopy can be used to diagnose diverticular illnesses, inflammatory bowel conditions and cancers. This diagnostic test analyses your bowel’s lining. To learn more about the colonoscopy procedure in ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic, consult with us.

Things to Know About Our Colonoscopy Procedure in Gurugram

Here are the essential aspects to learn about our colonoscopy procedure in Gurugram.

  • It is a test to check the inside of your bowels.
  • This test can help diagnose what’s causing your bowel symptoms.
  • In this procedure, we will insert a long, thin, and flexible tube with a tiny camera attached to the end.
  • You will be given a laxative to ensure that your bowels are empty before the test.

During the procedure, you will be awake during a colonoscopy. To ensure maximum comfort, we will offer you medicine.

Why You Might Need to Undergo a Colonoscopy?

  • Your consultant may suggest a colonoscopy as a routine screening test for bowel cancer. However, it is not necessary to have cancer to undergo a colonoscopy. For instance, we may recommend you undergo a colonoscopy to diagnose symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.

    Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are the typical conditions for which you may have to undergo colonoscopy. It is also suitable for monitoring your bowel if you previously had a polyp or cancer removed. Furthermore, if you need further assessment or treatment, a colonoscopy at our Gurgaon clinic can help.

    Preparing for a Colonoscopy at ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic

    After a colonoscopy at our centre, you can go home the same day. To minimise your discomfort, we will administer sedatives. Therefore, you won’t be able to drive after the procedure. We will provide detailed instructions about how to prepare for a colonoscopy.

    Usually, Dr. Abhijeet Ranjan supervises the entire process. You will meet him beforehand so that you can set your expectations from the procedure. We will also discuss the potential complications that might arise during colonoscopy.

    If you have any questions, always ask. We try our best to ensure that patients come informed about colonoscopy at our clinic.  

    Things to Know About Clearing Your Bowel

    Before undergoing a colonoscopy test in Gurgaon at our centre, you must clear your bowel. The bowel should be empty so that our endoscopist can see everything. To empty your bowel, we will give you a strong laxative. Let us know if you are an expectant mother or breastfeeding. Laxatives aren’t suitable for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

    If you have had sedation for your colonoscopy, we will monitor your condition for an hour. It is normal to experience bloating and cramps after the procedure. If you need pain relief, we can administer OTC medicines. For more details on the colonoscopy procedure at ARS Gastro & Liver Clinic, reach out to us today.