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About us

Healing beyond medicine!

ARS Gastro and Liver Centre is a pioneering healthcare facility that has set new standards in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. Our centre is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities that enable accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of complex gastrointestinal and liver disorders. Our patient-centric approach ensures that patients receive personalised care that is tailored to their individual needs. ARS Gastro and Liver Centre is a beacon of hope for patients suffering from gastrointestinal and liver disorders. With its commitment to excellence, expertise, and innovation, the centre is leading the way in the diagnosis and treatment of these complex diseases, providing patients with a new lease on life.


Leading the way in advanced diagnosis, treatment, and patient care for gastrointestinal and liver diseases, setting new standards of excellence.


Healing from the core, pioneering breakthroughs, and empowering patients to thrive with cutting-edge gastrointestinal and liver health care.


Modern facilities for precise diagnosis and treatment a multidisciplinary team of gastroenterologists and liver specialists Patient-centred treatment with individualized attention Emphasis on excellence, competence, and innovation

Visionary Leader

Reimagining the future, shaping reality!

Dr Abhijeet Ranjan

Hepatology- Fellowship in Advanced Endoscopy

Abhijeet Ranjan is a renowned specialist in Hepatology, with extensive academic qualifications, including MBBS, MD Medicine, and DM Hepatology. With fellowship training in advanced endoscopy and membership in the American College of Gastroenterology, Abhijeet Ranjan is recognized for his achievements in the field. Media spotlights and accolades further attest to their expertise and dedication to providing top-quality care.

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